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Jan 2019

AirLift - The next generation of lash lifting

After a whole year dedicated to product development & testing, LashArt is excited to bring to the beauty industry the next generation of Lash Lift products. LashArt’s Airlift system allows the lash artist to have overall control of the lift that can be achieved, with complete accuracy.
Our new Airlift Lash Lifting formula includes a new procedure to first measure the client's natural lashes with a ruler, then choose the correct shield size based on the client's desired lift & their natural lash length. A diagram included will help the lash artist quickly select the correct size shield for the application.
Airlift lash lifting will largely improve client satisfaction by delivering the exact lift that your client desires with a shorter application time. Results last for 6-8 weeks.

Oct 2018

Sponsoring Olympia Lash Games

LashArt were proud to sponsor the Lash Games at Olympia Beauty again this year. The show was bigger and better than the previous year with more stalls and visitors, and even more participants in this year’s event.

Our LashArt representative was lucky enough to present the lucky winners with their trophy’s for the 3 categories that LashArt had sponsored. As always, the atmosphere and excitement was amazing. Some of the winners were even in tears. LashArt are always happy to be a part of this event with Olympia and look forward to 2019.

March 2018

Truly revolutionary -  A lash can fan itself

LashArt is pleased to bring to the beauty industry our revolutionary new product for 2018. This can cut the volume lashing application time in half.

These are the first lashes on the market that have the latest technology to actually fan themselves with very little effort. Create a fan simply by applying a small amount of pressure with your tweezers controlling the width of the fan by the pressure applied. Massively speeding up volume lash application.

Lashes will be available in the ever popular 0.07 and 0.06 as well as the latest trendy ultra mega volume in 0.05 and 0.04. Now creating a volume fan is easier than ever, make sure you are the first to try!

Video available on Youtube and you can follow us on Facebook to see more exciting new products.

Feb 2018

Lash Art Academy is coming in summer 2018

At Lashart Headquarters we have brand new training facilities with all high spec equipment to offer you a unique range of courses that will ensure your success in your future career.
Lashart Academy will be committed to offering high quality training in our exclusive new academy by our Lashart education ambassador Claire Crowell. Claire is a salon owner and master lash technician who has preformed many sets of lashes and is an expert in her field.
Lashart Academy uses both theory and practical techniques in the courses and we keep our courses small so valuable time is spent with your trainer.
At the academy we will be offering a variety of courses that are industry accredited that will be available this year.
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Jan 2018

The LashArt Neck Support U Pillow Launch

LashArt are pleased to announce the launch of the only pillow of its kind with the unique innovative design to keep clients head steady and comfortable during application, which gives the maximum protection to your client's safety.

This luxurious pillow exclusively designed for eyelash extension applications will give your clients the relaxing comfortable rest they need during application. The pillow fits into the couch hole to keep it in place and avoid any slipping or movement. This helps to sit the head and neck comfortably. Featuring a neck rest designed to keep the spine of the client in perfect alignment maintaining the natural curve of the client’s spine and a head shaped hollow to support the head perfectly.

We have tested this pillow in many salons and have received outstanding feedback and recommendations.

Dec 2017

LashArt’s fabulous new premises is now complete as we have finally finished the fantastic showroom.

The room is finished with beautifully lit display cabinets showing full range of products we have available at LashArt, Including lashes, glues, application tools and brow products.

There are 4 information boards explaining about lash manufacture process such as moulding, layering and curl. We also have an iPad where we show short videos to further explains each step of the manufacturing process.  Anyone renting our training facilities will have access to this room and receive a free 15-minute presentation. This will help all trainees have a deep understanding of the difference between various lash types and the process involved in making them.



Steve Foster, Operation Manager at LashArt

Nov 2017

LashArt has offered life-changing support to a local charity

Lashart has offered their warmly support to a local charity, by collecting Christmas gifts which will be given to people on Christmas eve. LashArt pride themselves on giving back to the community and have been donating warm clothes, toys, toiletries and anything that make someone's life better. Believing ‘a small effort can make big difference’, LashArt offer their support all year round to local communities by offering donations and employment opportunities. 

Changing Lives offer dedicated employment support to people across the North East and Yorkshire, including specialist services for young people and people facing health barriers to employment.
Across the country, Changing Lives supports 21,000 people a year to build a brighter future for themselves and their families. With projects across the North of England and the Midlands, Changing Lives tackles social exclusion in all its forms and helps people make positive, lasting changes to their lives.

Oct 2017

First year as sponsors of the Lash Games at Olympia Beauty in London

Olympia beauty is a huge beauty event that Lashart are going to be attending next year with our very own stand. We will be selling some of our great products at discounted prices. There maybe a little freebie or two in our goodie bags too. The atmosphere was amazing, with all the contestants and their models preparing for the different competitions. There were many different categories to enter ranging from beginner to expert and individual lashes to 7D.

The 2-day event started very early on Sunday morning with contestants having to register from 7.30am to take part and judges on hand to oversee the whole application process. The competitions were gruelling with many contestants taking part, and the judges overlooking their every move. The Lash games ended on Monday afternoon with an amazing awards ceremony, during which you could not help but feel the excitement and emotion from every winner.

Congratulations to everyone who managed to scoop a prize and well done to all who took part in these games. What an amazing event this is and I can see that it will only get bigger and more exciting year after year. Lashart are very pleased to be able to be part of this and are looking forward to returning year after year.

Sep 2017

We are proud to announce our appointment as the UK sole distributor of VETUS Tweezers in beauty industry

Since being established in 1996, VETUS Tweezers has become one of the world’s leading manufacturer of precision hand tools and instruments. Every VETUS Tweezers passes a rigorous final test before reaching our customers. Famous for its accuracy and durability, VETUS have developed two new series of tweezers which are designed and manufactured specially for the beauty industry - the new MSA Beauty Series and MJP Master Series.
TPC Beauty has enjoyed considerable success in the eyelash industry and has worked with VETUS Tweezers on many projects since our incorporation back in 2012. After being appointed sole distributor in the UK, TPC Beauty will be able to provide the complete range of VETUS tweezers, including the new MSA Beauty Series and MJP Master Series, on top of the standard SA Series. To stay ahead of the game, TPC Beauty will also work together with VETUS Tweezer to design and manufacture new exciting products based on market trends in the lash industry. Both parties value total commitment to quality, the pursuit of perfection, and conducting business to the highest possible ethical standard.

SA Series
High precision tweezer

MSA Series
Handcrafted to have perfect tip symmetry and balance along with polished edges, ideal for eyelash extension application.
High rigidity, ideal tensile and flexural strength.
Featuring a non-scratch/antiglare satin finish.

MJP Series
Handcrafted to have perfect tip symmetry and balance along with polished edges, ideal for eyelash extension application.
Very high rigidity, excellent tensile and flexural strength, fatigue and creep resistance.
Superior non-scratch/antiglare satin finish, easy to clean