LashArt was one of the very first factories to start producing eyelash extensions when the industry started to strive 10 years ago. You are therefore able to depend on our vast amount of industry-leading knowledge and experience, established and proven over time to produce the highest quality lash extensions using the most cost-effective methods.
There is a current trend among other factories in the industry, switching from the production of strip lashes to manufacturing the increasingly popular individual eyelash extensions. At LashArt, however, we are proud to say that we have been producing these individual eyelash extensions from day one. The production of strip lashes is very much regarded as an inferior ‘mass production’ approach within the industry. On the other hand, the amount of technical craftwork that goes into the production of a single eyelash extension requires a great degree of skill in order for the product to meet each Lash Artist’s very specific curl/length/shape demands.
As our competitors struggle to catch up, slowly developing their knowledge and understanding of the industry, we at LashArt are opening our doors, offering the opportunity to share in our own successes to those of you who are determined to become industry leaders.

Intellectual Property

When you have a great product, you want to build your name and reputation upon it. In placing a private label order, you will inevitably share your intellectual property - the name of the product, your logo, your packaging design etc. We understand that, as the owner of your own brand, you have made substantial investments in order to increase its value, and we can therefore ensure that all of the information you share with will be kept in the utmost confidence.

Working Ethics

We believe every worker deserves to be treated with dignity and respect; we would never use child labour and always ensure that we are ethical in our hiring practices. We do not allow any employee’s working day to exceed 8 hours, primarily due to the health implications, but furthermore because of the complex nature of the work involved. In fact, within the last year we have introduced a new program to help workers relax their hands during their breaks.

Stay Ahead of The Game

We regard our products as our craft, and they absolutely must be ideal. We don’t just manufacture products, we invent them with an intrinsic knowledge and understanding of the manufacturing process and constantly seek innovative ways to improve them. As an example, combining advanced polymer technology and the latest moulding techniques, we launched CASHMERE LASHES in 2015, a product which has since proven to garner a great deal of success. This product, more than any other, has revolutionised the form of traditional eyelash extensions and how they bond with the customer’s natural lashes. Throughout the entire manufacturing process, LashArt is partnered with leading companies in their respective fields, whether they be polymer laboratories, moulding companies or material suppliers, they all contribute to ensure our products excel above those of our competitors.

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We manufacture and supply an OEM white label production, ideal for wholesalers and brand owners. At LashArt, we have our own senior chemist who enables us to constantly innovate and formulate adhesives especially for beauty applications. We manufacture our adhesives in ISO certified facilities based in Europe, and ensure they comply to with relevant regulations, such as EU cosmetic regulation 1223/2009, Council Directive 2001/95/EC, ISO 10993-5, RoHS and R.E.A.C.H. We are also able to supply products for the commercial market, such as eyelash cleanser, makeup remover and lash coating/mascara.

We hold large batches of fresh adhesives to support our existing private label customers worldwide, and most glue products can be shipped immediately. Our adhesives have an unopened shelf life of approximately 9 -12 months when stored under the correct conditions. Once opened, they can be stored for approximately 1-2 months. We can provide MSDS documentation under your own company name, and offer a full packaging design service, from label design to box printing.

Start your journey with us in confidence.

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