We offer a wholesale scheme which enables you to purchase all glues, lashes and accessories from LashArt with competitive prices. Our wholesale scheme is mainly designed for customers who requires a large quantity of lash product to use in their own salon/spa. You may also like to resell the products for a few months (not permitted in UK) to test the market, but eventually you'll need to move to our Distributor Scheme for long term sales.

We charge US Dollars for all wholesale orders. Normally we dispatch wholesale orders within 2 working days by express delivery (DPD/TNT). Payment by PayPal will be charged 4% on top of our quotations and there is no surcharge for payment by bank. Please be advised we only dispatch orders after payment has cleared. Important We require at least one certification to prove that either you or one of your staff members have been professionally trained and qualified with eyelash extensions, and has insurance for doing applications. If you are just reselling our items, you will need one qualified member of staff to be able to give aftersales customer service advice.

Please send all the information listed below and your certifications to wholesale@lashart.com. We will send you a wholesale price list after checking your information then you will be able to place your first order with us.

  • Resell or Own Use? (Resell/Own Use/Both)
  • Contact
  • Company Name
  • Email
  • Phone number(for delivery purpose)
  • Website Billing Address (must be specific, door number, city, postcode, country)
  • Shipping Address (must be specific, door number, city, postcode, country)
  • VAT Number (if located within the EU)

You can also contact us using the form below: