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Ideal for Volume lashes due to its thin consistency & ultra-fast setting time, faster than our ever-popular Noir Jetset Adhesive.
This Adhesive creates a strong bond in all humidity levels.
Using the highest medially approved ingredients this glue has much less fumes that other strong adhesives.
Only a small amount of Noir Fusion Adhesive is required for Volume lashes, with 5g you can perform between 50-100 applications.

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Pre-Made Volume Fans can greatly speed up the process of applying volume lashes. A cluster of volume lashes have been delicately, but firmly, attached at the root and curled outwards in a fan effect.
This allows the fan to them be easily applied to one eyelash hair.
Our volume fans are knot free and have a very short and thin base (0.5mm-1mm). They are ultra-light weight, with superior curl retention and won't damage natural lashes.

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Fuss free smooth application with our special formulated fast setting fixing gel and pull back tool to fix client's lashes in place nice and tidy. Exclusive Airlift ruler and shield system which enables lash artists to have overall control of the accurate lift to achieve, improving client satisfaction. Perfect retail opportunities, kits come with retail items that can be used for clients aftercare. AirLift takes ONLY 25 minutes from start to finish.

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Welcome to LashArt

LashArt is unique at its very core – We don’t just market products – we invent them with an intrinsic knowledge and understanding of the manufacturing process, constantly seeking to improve our products. Throughout the entire manufacturing process, LashArt is partnered with leading companies in their respective fields, whether they be polymer laboratories, molding specialists or material suppliers, they all contribute to ensuring our products excel above the rest.

2019 is a year that is truly remarkable for LashArt – not only do we have an exciting new range of Eyelash Extensions arriving to achieve that #Striplashlook clients’ eager for, LashArt also invested in a new certified laboratory and a refurbished LashArt Training Academy. A new LashArt Ambassador program enables us to collaborate with talented and passionate lash technicians around the world, to create more bespoke new styles and looks. We are innovators at heart who have creative minds to push the limits of the beauty industry and create all-new categories of products never before in existence.

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