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Made in the UK and compatible with low humidity, the PLUS series eyelash extension glue is one of the strongest semi-permanent individual lash adhesives. Manufactured with the highest safety in mind, these new adhesives have been formulated with medical-grade carbon black, which makes these lightweight glues completely free from rubber. Delivering seamless connectivity, the PLUS series adhesives have an ultra-fast curing time of 0.5-1 second which virtually feels like an instant grab.

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Featuring a long stem twisted base, Ivy Premade Fans are pre fanned faux mink Noir Volume Lashes, designed to create a natural light volume look. These delicate premade fans are all uniform and can easily fill gaps and add volume, ideal for clients with sparse lashes wanting a thicker and fuller look. Ultra-light, soft and comfortable to wear, Ivy Premade Lash Fans blend incredibly well with clients' natural lashes - they won’t even feel like they are wearing extensions.

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Handcrafted by master craftsmen, All Phoenix Tweezers are ergonomically shaped and perfectly aligned for laser precision work. Their hand-filed prongs and points match perfectly which would grip even the finest lash at ease. Phoenix Tweezers are dеѕignеd to eliminate fingеr, wrist, аnd hаnd fatigue which helps to eradicate any strain. Being light-weighted and tarnish-proof, Phoenix Tweezers can be easily sterilized.

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Welcome to LashArt

Born out of passion, LashArt is unique at its very core – We don't just market products – we invent them with an intrinsic knowledge and understanding of the manufacturing process, constantly seeking to improve our products. Throughout the entire manufacturing process, LashArt is partnered with leading companies in their respective fields, whether they be polymer laboratories, molding specialists, or material suppliers, they all contribute to ensuring our products excel above the rest.

2023 is a year that is truly remarkable for LashArt. Due to consumers' growing concern of hygiene and safety, we have helped recover the lash industry by announcing all LashArt eyelash extensions are 'Antibacterial', which means all our fibers will suppress the growth of bacteria. We also received increasing demand from professional makeup artists for express lash applications which lead to the relaunch of the EyeEnvy brand that includes cluster lashes and strip lashes. The greatest breakthrough of the year is our brand new range of adhesives, which are designed specifically to respond better to different environments and boost superior performance in terms of curing time, elasticity, and retention.

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