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LashArt Entry

If there is only one thing to remember about us – We are doing seriously cool INNOVATIONS for born artists – Like you.

Our story began in 2007 when the professional lash & brow industry was not much more than waxing, tinting, and powdering. Started as a small team of enthusiastic lash designers and dedicated craftsmen, LashArt has designed and manufactured easy use & time-saving lash products to achieve stylish eye enhancement for over a decade. We have chosen the word ‘art’ as we deem our products as our craft, and they must be ideal. Every product we create has to be intelligently effective, gentle to natural lashes and cruelty-free. LashArt is richly endowed with a portfolio of leading brands which covers all the lines of eyelash enhancements and responds to the diverse needs of consumers worldwide.

Focus on new inventions along the way

Born out of passion, LashArt is unique at its very core – We don’t just market products – we invent them with an intrinsic knowledge and understanding of the manufacturing process, constantly seeking to improve our products. Combining advanced polymer technology and the latest molding techniques, we launched Cashmere Lashes® in 2015, a product which has since proven to garner a great deal of success. This product, more than any other, has revolutionized the form of traditional eyelash extensions and how they bond with the client’s natural lashes. In 2018 the world’s first Self Fanning Lashes® was launched featuring a non-closure technology – a technology that no else can copy still today.  Thousands of lash artists witnessed the launch via Professional Beauty, SCRATCH, The Salon Magzine and LashInc. Throughout the entire manufacturing process, LashArt is partnered with leading companies in their respective fields, whether they be polymer laboratories, molding specialists or material suppliers, they all contribute to ensuring our products excel above the rest.

2019 is a year that is truly remarkable for LashArt – not only do we have an exciting new range of lashes arriving to achieve that #Striplashlook clients’ eager for, LashArt also invested in a new certified laboratory and a refurbished LashArt Training Academy. A new LashArt Ambassador program enables us to collaborate with talented and passionate lash technicians around the world, to create more bespoke new styles and looks. We are innovators at heart who have creative minds to push the limits of the beauty industry and create all-new categories of products never before in existence.

Behind you in every step

Whether you are a lash technician or salon owner, you need the most advanced products and reliable service so you can focus on your job. LashArt supports you in every step of the way: from accurately dispatching orders, arranging the most sufficient delivery service to providing great customer service, so you can put your mind at ease. Our customer support team is always happy to help whether via telephone, social media platforms, online chat, or emails on working days. Sponsor of The Lash Games, LashArt is Rated ‘Excellent’ on Trustpilot and Ship Worldwide.

Start your journey with us, in confidence.

LashArt Main Treatment List

  • Strip Lash Look (new) – Strip Lash Look Full Range
  • Russian Volume Lashes / Mega Volume Lashes (Handmade) – Noir Volume Lashes® Mink, Silk or Matte / Ready Steady Fan / Pre-Styled Lashes / Extra Lengths / Coloured
  • Russian Volume Lashes / Mega Volume Lashes (Self Fanning) – Noir Volume Lashes® Mink or Matte / Easy Fan Lashes / Fluffy Layered Lashes / Extra Lengths
  • Russian Volume Lashes / Mega Volume Lashes (Premade Fans) – Noir Volume Lashes® Mink / Pre-Styled Fans / V Lash X Lash / Unicorn Lashes / Extra Lengths / Coloured
  • Premium Flat Lashes – Cashmere Lashes® Glossy, Matte, Black Pearl, and Air / Volume Lashes / Volume and Hybrid Fans
  • Classic Lashes – WonderLash Eyelash Extensions® Mink or Silk / Diamond Series / Coloured
  • Lash Lift – AirLiftYourLashes®
  • Lash Tint – COMBINAL® (UK Sole Distributor) / Intensive Eyepearl® (UK Sole Distributor)
  • Henna Brow – CC Brow


For information on LashArt products, visit our Buying Guide and FAQ. If you have further questions, please feel free to Contact Us.
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